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Warum kann ich nicht einfach als Mensch gesehen werden, der das Verhaltensmuster und Denkweisen eines anderen angenommen hat und nun daraus seine Schlüsse zieht?

It's enough, I don't want to be dependant anymore. Indeed he was important to me, but I've learned to live without him, ok?

 I felt very well before we talked about that, but now I'm some kinda pissed off for someone like you don't know how to treat me after all.

Of course I liked him. No doubt. And I still like him. But! I can stand on my own feet now.

I'm pissed off, that you still say, that it's like 90% because of him, why I'm sad concerning our church. But that's so wrong. I've accepted things -maybe because I had no choice- but I decided to live on. Happily. Or at least with a positive attitude. YOU gave enough arguments to be sad about the situation and you still say 90% that's kinda miserable...

2.6.09 23:53


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