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Recently I've been so sad, thinking about Christmas and that I wasn't allowed to help preparing anything.

But now I'm happy again <3

The wife of our pastor called me and we talk about the whole Christmas programm. I'm glad, she did this, because uncertainty makes me feel sick and as I got the feeling that either nobody was doing anything or there were 2 programms being prepared parallel (and that's impossible for only one Christmas evening!). You know, something like this makes me feel sick, especially when I'm not allowed to do something against it. BUT! Now I'm relieved... I know what's going on and it's really awesome.

2nd reason why I am happy again is... well... It seems like I've found someone singing with me a special song, I've been waiting for since years... I mean... I've found someone with whom I want to sing it and who even asked me first <3

Today I was shopping. Searching for Christmas cards and presents. I found 6 cards within 2,5h and nothing more.
Why is it always so difficult to find presents? T__T
20.11.08 15:11


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